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I have had 15 years of career in the watch industry. I felt that many people tend to miss the true craftsmanship and the tradition in most luxurious and classical watches of this century. Today, namely big watch brands such as Rolex have been overly glamorized by our mainstream culture.

Of course, those brands are incredibly luxurious, however I am determined to sell and show people that there are a few more watches that are just as lavish and stylish as Rolex; or even much better! Therefore, in the hope of broadening the varieties of luxurious watches worn by the people with expensive taste, I have created this website.

The website shows 4 of the most classical watches. They are all followed by purchase links, directing you to websites offering the cheapest price for the watches on the internet, as my team and I have researched for a long time! As expensive as they are, the each of the watches has had outstanding reputations for its subtle craftsmanship and mechanical quality.

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